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The video

The municipal delegate of Youth and Festivals, Diego López , stated today that it has received the award for the video " Marbella is happy" , an audiovisual production which already has about 230,000 plays worldwide.  

Lopez has said that the Agripina Award for Best Online Video Advertising reinforces the work being done by the City Council to promote the city with " fresh and innovative " proposals.  

The council has stressed that this is an initiative of the delegation of Youth and made ​​by a local company with the aim of promoting the city. Therefore, " it is a pride that advertising professionals have rewarded this video " .   With this video , which features different corners of the city as unbeatable setting , Marbella joined a musical movement "Happy " in which they have participated and cities like Paris , Seoul and Sydney and responds to numerous requests sent to youth through social networks.  

For recording, the delegation of Youth contacted various groups and youth associations and sports personalities such as Manolo Santana and Luis Ángel Maté , actors María Adamuz and Aníbal Soto , chef Dani García , Count Rudi Schönburg , Princess Marie Louise of Prussia or Carmen Lomana. All selflessly volunteered to participate in the recording.

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